Your business is your livelihood, it is an extension of you and the embodiment of the hard work, sweat and tears that go into your day; it needs to be properly protected. From retail to law offices, dentists to cinemas proper security and access control measures need to be in place to ensure goods are kept inside, and threats outside.


Shops are unique to business, rather than keeping threats out their purpose is to invite people in. your shop front needs to be inviting; people need to feel welcome and comfortable in your premises but you need to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of: CCTV is the answer. With state of the art CCTV systems and surveillance cameras you can protect your property even when you aren’t there, systems can also grant access control and can be rigged with alarms to alert you and the police if a break in is occurring.

Small Offices

Think about what you keep in your office: computers, printers, projectors, all expensive pieces of equipment that you don’t want to lose; investing in security systems might seem costly in the short term but it will be worth it to protect your systems.

Think about who and how; who has access and how do they access. Issuing keys to employees is cost effective until a key is lost or an employee leaves, then the cost of reissuing keys and refitting locks can creep up. A key pad system can give you peace of mind that the thousands of pounds worth of stock in your premises isn’t only as safe as one key, and if there is ever a problem it costs nothing to reset.

Bigger Business

If there are lots of people coming and going from your premises on a day to day basis they may not all require access to the whole building; think about limiting entire access, especially in industries with sensitive information, to key staff only with the use of key pad systems or card readers.

If your business comes with a car park the, providing barriers and bollards can protect staff vehicles from vandals as well as stopping unauthorised people parking on your site.

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