The maintenance of your home security system is important to ensure all elements are working correctly. Whether you are conducting routine testing on your system or changing alarm batteries, you should perform regular maintenance checks.

Is your security system picking up clear, in focus images? Do images appear blurred on mobile devices? You will need to clean the camera lens. Follow these simple steps:

  • Turn off the power
  • Wipe the lens clean carefully with a microfibre cloth
  • Turn power back on
  • Check your imagery on all devices
  • You should also check your cameras leads regularly to ensure they are not loose or worn as this can also result in a faulty system.


When your alarm batteries are running low you will experience a frequent beeping sound. To fix this check each alarm with a battery tester. If batteries are not the issue you may need to disarm and reboot the system. If the problem persists then your wiring may need checking.


Sensors are generally placed on doors and window frames and are triggered by break ins. Your sensors should be maintained regularly to ensure they are working at optimum performance. On occasion the adhesive that holds sensors in place can become loose over time, triggering a false alarm. Weather conditions such as humidity and cold temperatures can also affect the adhesives effectiveness.

To ensure your sensors maintain best performance avoid these installation areas:

Near fans or vents

  • In low areas where children could reach them
  • In low areas near pets
  • Near moveable items like curtains or blinds


Call a Professional

If you have carried out all the above checks and are still experiencing issues with your security system then it’s time to call a professional. To do this:

  • Go to the ‘contact us’ page on the 1st Ace Security website
  • Either fill in the contact form and we will get back to you
  • Call us for quick customer service
  • Or visit us at one of our branches to book a maintenance appointment

Following any of the above methods will ensure you can book an appointment with a security system professional. We will work with you to troubleshoot the issue and carry out all necessary checks or repairs to fix the issue.

Remember to rebook your next maintenance appointment so you can keep your system working at maximum performance.