3 Ways To Avoid Being Locked Out Of Your Home This Winter

Many people have experienced being locked out of their homes. In the winter weather being locked out can be even more dangerous in the freezing temperatures.

1. Make Sure A Trusted Person Has Spare Keys

Can you rely on trusted neighbours or friends to keep a set of keys for you? They can be your point of help if you get locked out. Another benefit can be to check on your property whilst you are away on holiday.

2. Keep A Spare Key In Your Car

This method will only work if you have access to your car during a lock out. Consider keeping your house and car keys on separate keychains to avoid this situation. If you do decide to keep your spare key in your car then keep it hidden from view. You should also keep any personal letters that contain your home address away from your vehicle.

3. Install Smart Locks

Consider installing smart locks to prevent a lock out. This will eliminate the need for key entry as you can access your home remotely via smartphone or tablet application. This adds a layer of protection when you are away from your home. If you ever needed someone to access your home you can unlock and lock the property remotely without ever needing to give them a key.