Better Home Security This Spring With Top Cleaning Tips

Spring is just around the corner. This is the time of year when everyone decides to have that much needed spring clean!

If you have a security system within your home then spring cleaning is more than just removing clutter from your home, your system will need cleaning too.

Below we detail indoor and outdoor cleaning tips for your home this spring for better home security function.

1. Home Security Outdoors

Home security starts with the security on the outside of your property. You should consider these tips when spring cleaning this year:

Tops tips:
? Examine your outdoor security cameras; Winter weather can damage outdoor security cameras. Ensure you clean the lenses of any dirt or water marks and ensure there no cable damage.
? Check outdoor security lighting; Check all battery operated lighting and bulbs incase replacements are needed.
? Maintain the home landscaping; Ensure any overgrown bushes are trimmed back as these can be potential hiding places for intruders. Also check any security gates are intact and working correctly.
? Make your door number clearly visible; Make sure your front door number can be seen from the roadside for emergency responders.

2. Home Security Indoors

Once your homes exterior is checked and secured its time to think about the interior.

Top tips:
?Clean your security equipment; Remove any dust and dirt from lenses and cable entrances.
?Check batteries on smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms; Fires within the home can be fatal. Its important to take measures to alert of fire or carbon monoxide.
?Check window and door locks; If any locks are loose then tighten or replace them.

3. Test Your Entire Security System

You should regularly test your home security system for any faults and ensure any necessary updates are carried out. Every security system will be different depending on the model and set up but within the menu functions should be the option to test the security system. This will detect any faults within its operation. Remember to contact 1st Ace Security if you have any questions regarding your system with us.