Considering The Best Resolution, HD Over Coax Vs IP Cameras
When researching the best products in video surveillance for your business. The resolution provided by the system and the security should be a top priority to consider.

Having usable images is a must and you will need the right camera resolution for this. High resolution cameras can allow you to spot details you may not otherwise on a lower resolution device. For example you may be able to spot license plate numbers or facial features. If a crime or incident takes place at your business this will prove pivotal in identifying suspects or vehicles.

Pros & Cons – HD Over Coax

HD over Coax refers to the transmission of audio streams and high definition video over coaxial cables that have traditionally been limited to standard quality video.

There are competing technologies including TVI, AHD and CVI. They vary in capability. In general the benefits over an IP camera are:

– No network Interference: The system can operate in isolation from the data network.
– High resolution camera support: Current cameras support resolutions up to 4MP. They offer additional features to maximize image quality including infra-red illumination and wide dynamic range.
– Low cost upgrades: If replacing an existing system no new wires need to be installed as can be connected to current wires.

Bare in mind that you may need more than one type of security camera for certain areas of your home. You can work with 1st Ace Security, your local trusted security provider to help you identify the cameras you will need.

HD over Coax cameras are generally 1080p which is about 2 megapixels. A few models offer up to 4MP. If you require a camera with a higher resolution then IP cameras are a better option. They are available in many resolutions to 10MP and more. They are also available in different styles including thermal and 360 degree cameras.

IP cameras run on your network so its important to ensure you have the correct infrastructure to facilitate the system. The higher the megapixel count the more bandwidth is required.

Your Resolution Needs

Before deciding what camera option may be best for you, consider which resolution is necessary for your business.

– Do you have a large enough bandwidth to support the system?
– Do you need to capture details like license plates or recognise faces?
– Do you have existing wiring in place or would you need a full new system?
– Do you have budget to support system updates and maintenance?

As a rule 20 pixels per foot is enough for standard surveillance, 100 pixels per foot or more may be needed for identification purposes.

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