If you’ve ever watched programmes like Fake Britain, which reveal the true extent and danger of fake goods in the UK, then you may be well aware of the fact that fake products can be found in pretty much every industry sector, not just clothes and cigarette markets.

With an unstable economic stance, there is a growing market for dummy products, and when there are a counterfeit commodities involved there’s always a huge question regarding effectiveness and fairness.

Though fake products may look authentic to their counterparts, even under scrutiny, there is a strong chance you are being conned out of money. When you opt to buy a branded product or professional service, you are assured that safety and quality checks have been applied.

Purchasing a fake can lead to a lot more than a fit of disappointment and in some cases, is extremely hazardous. Today we want to warn of you some of the most common fakes in the home security industry, so that you know what to watch out for when protecting your own house.

Fake Cameras

Fake cameras are often bought to deter burglars, but whether or not they actually work relies heavily on how much the thief knows. Many criminals are experienced enough to be able to detect a fake camera instantly, even from afar. And if a criminal notices a fake, they may see it as a green light to break it. A fake camera can do a lot to highlight what you have to protect, but doesn’t actually have any powers to safeguard your property and its contents.

TV Light Simulators

A TV Light Simulator is designed to make it look like someone is home when they’re not. TV Light Simulators work by recreating the lighting that projects from a TV. This is said to work as burglars count on homes being empty during their break-in to ensure they are not disturbed. However, these simulators do still draw a sizeable amount of power and therefore cost you constant money. Here at 1st Ace, we’d suggest that your money is best spent on quality home security solutions that you can really rely on.

Garden Signs & Stickers

Many of the garden signs and security stickers for sale aren’t actually counterfeit. Nevertheless, if you do not actually purchase the safety system that should go alongside the sign or sticker, then you’re only half-protecting your home. If you’re lucky, a small sticker may be enough to deter a young chancer. If the possibility of luck is enough for you then this option may work – if you’re the type who wants dependable defences, then you may want to look at our range of intruder alarms, CCTV camera, access control and automated gates.