Home security has all-year-round importance, but sometimes it’s good to refresh people’s memories and remind them just how vital it is to safeguard your house and protect your belongings from burglars and break-ins. National Home Security Month was created for this very reason and now returns for its fourth consecutive year, to raise awareness and spread advice!

Here at 1st Ace, we’re always looking for opportunities to share our expert expertise and help homeowners improve their security protection. Today we are going to do that just, providing a checklist for you to follow, in honour of home security month. So, get ready to press print and start ticking off tasks – and remember, we’re only a phone call away if you ever need specialist security support…


  • Install gates at the front and rear of your property
  • Secure gates with professional, weatherproof padlocks
  • Put spikes or anti-climb paint on gates that can be climbed


  • Install locks on all windows
  • Secure expensive items, such as bikes, with anchors or cables
  • Make note of all property in sheds, garages and outbuildings
  • Install battery powdered alarms
  • Secure doors with weatherproof padlocks and hasps


  • Install a residential access control solution
  • Secure all doors with a mortise locks or nightlatch
  • Consider updating all doors to composite British Standard models
  • Make use of a door chain
  • Put in a letterbox restrictor


  • Ensure you have a reliable internal and external system
  • Choose a system with HD camera quality and LED night vision
  • Request remote access via tablet or smartphone apps
  • Ensure your system has a recordable hard drive


  • Install a reliable alarm system with PIR detectors
  • Ensure your chosen system has a remote key fob
  • Install a panic button(s)
  • Request remote access via tablet or smartphone apps.

Stay safe! And feel free to share this checklist with your family and friends to guarantee their home security is consistent, modern and expertly advanced to deter criminals.