There aren’t all that many of us who would be proud to show of the contents of our garage. Usually, garages are where we store stuff that has no other place in the home. They’re not kept as tidy or clean as the insides of our homes but this doesn’t mean that they don’t contain expensive equipment and important keep-sakes, not to mention cars and motorbikes.

You see, when you add up the contents of the average garage, it amounts to an impressive sum of money. Keeping your garage secure is therefore just as vital as safeguarding your home, especially if the two are connected via an internal door. Today we thought we’d share some advice on garage security, to ensure you have all the information required to implement the necessary security measures.

Take Extra Precautions Depending on Location

The first thing to consider when looking to secure your garage is whether or not is overlooked. Is it easily accessible via an alleyway? Can it be seen from the street? If you believe your garage to be particularly venerable, you should take extra precautions. Installing an alarm system, fencing or surveillance cameras could be what it takes to keep burglars at bay.

Upgrade Locks and Doors

It’s real common for families to move into a house with a garage and never actually check the security of the doors and locks. We assume everything will be fine, but that makes us a tempting target. No matter where your garage is located or how confident you are in the area, your garage door should be certified security level 1 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. Your lock should have a SS312 Sold Secure Diamond rating and a 3 star TS007:2012 British Kitemark rating.

Fix Up Internal Doors

If, in the worst-case scenario, none of the above precautions work and your garage does get broken into, then it is critical that your internal door prohibits easy access. If you have an internal door that connects your garage to your home, then this door should be just as secure as your front door. Front doors are often made from soild-core wood, reinforced steel or uPVC. It’s down to you to decide which you opt for, but whatever you choose request a peep hole – that way you won’t ever have to actually go into the garage to investigate suspicious activity!

Need help securing your garage from intruders? Then contact us today to see which crime prevention tools we can suggest for you.