How To Prevent Your Digital Video Recorder From Overheating

The weather is currently hot and humid in the UK. With temperatures set to stay high its important to take measures to try and prevent your security cameras from overheating. Heat is the primary cause for the failure of digital video recorders.

So how can your business or home security avoid overheating to help prolong the life of your surveillance cameras?

Below we outline a few tips.

1. Be Aware of Temperature

Be aware of the temperature internally and externally.

– Do not run systems when they are not being used. Your security system will need to cool down.
– Keep the room ventilated or air conditioned. The room temperature in which the cameras reside needs to be kept at a normal level.
– Use a thermometer to monitor temperature. If your system does not already contain a built-in reader.

2. Ventilate!

To prevent your system from overheating you must ventilate adequately. This means more than just opening windows!

– Install room fans to keep the temperature cool.
– Install cameras clear of room furniture.

– Store cameras in air-conditioned rooms.
– Ensure each camera has access to natural airflow.

2. Consult Your Security Provider

Having a reliable security system from the get-go is a must. Ensure you keep on top of maintenance and consider arranging a maintenance package with your provider.

If you have yet to purchase a security system, ask your provider the following questions:

– Is there a warranty if my system experiences overheating failure?
– If the system does overheat can you facilitate a repair or replacement?

– Can you provide installation of appropriate cooling equipment?
– Does my camera system have an automatic cool down mode if it reaches too high a temperature?

Continued maintenance of your system will ensure it stays in excellent condition. If you would like regular maintenance of your systems or a system installed then give 1st Ace Security a call on 020 8290 5050.