Tips For After School Security You Need To Know

Juggling work, housework and school runs is hard work. When you feel your children are old enough to walk home from school alone your stress is only maximised by worry. You want your children to be safe at all times. Many working parents are unable to get back for school pick up times with standard finish times for work in the UK being around 5pm. Teaching your children about security will mean they can stay safe until parents get home.

After School Routine

Go straight home.
– If out with friends ensure they know to stay close to home.
Install smart-locks if you are not ready to give your child a set of keys. You can unlock and lock the door remotely for them.
– Remind them to never open the door to strangers, no matter who the person says they may be. You could install doorbell cameras so you can see who is at the door and speak directly to the person, as if you were home.
 Operating The Alarm System

– Remember when installing certain features of your security system to place within reach of your child, for example the keypad to arm and disarm the alarm. It will need to be out of sight of the window so the code input cannot be seen by potential intruders.
– Set up your system to sync notifications to your mobile phone so you can be reassured when you child arrives home safely.
– Test the alarm with your children and show them how to disarm it if needed.

Knowing What To Do If There Is A Break In

You must discuss with your child what should happen if there is a break in, especially if you are not present.

– Dial 999. Children must know the procedure for calling emergency services.
– Can your child recall your address details for the police? Make sure they know.
– A safe space. Locate a safe space for your child to wait until the police arrive.
– Locate entry and exit points to evacuate.
– Get your neighbours phone number so your child can call them in an emergency for help.

Monitored security with instant alerts is one of the safest forms of home security.