Choosing to be independent can have its downfalls but it can also have its benefits. With more single adults than ever before, the amount of properties being sold to individuals rather than families and couples is growing. As security advisors and advocates, 1st Ace is dedicated to helping keeping homes secure.

In today’s article we’re going to look at maintaining independence without compromising on personal safety. Though having a second eye on the ball can undoubtedly help, new technology advances mean safety devices and apps available on the market are just as, if not more, effective when it comes to protecting your home. Ready to hear more? Great! Lets get started…

Door Stop Alarm

It may not be revolutionary, but a door stop alarm can help give you peace of mind when you’re alone in the house. Slide it under the front or back door when it’s unlocked to ensure you have a heads-up and are able to scare away any intruders.

Cat Defence Keychain

And if the door stop alarm doesn’t cause fear enough for them to take flight, there’s always the cat defence keychain. The cat defence keychain can be easily reached for and as the cat eyes become finger holes and the ears become solid spikes, there’s no chance an attacker will get away unharmed or undetected.

Access Control

There’s no better way to protect your home than to ensure you have secure locks, doors and windows. However, residential access control can be especially beneficial if you’re living alone. Choose from code, card, retinal scan and finger print access systems to put off unwanted visitors drawn to your property.

Keyholding Services

Living alone is peaceful most of the time. But when you go away, even if its just for the day, it is important to know that someone is ready and waiting to respond, rapidly. Such keyholding services are able to be on-call, around the clock.

Do you live alone? Will you be looking into any of the systems or products we’ve mentioned above? Leave us a comment below to let us know!