Purchasing a Doorbell Camera? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

Doorbell cameras are a great investment for any home security. You may be away on holiday or out for the day when a thief could potentially strike. New smart technology enables you to be alerted on your mobile device as soon as your doorbell cameras are triggered. With any investment you need to research the right option for you.

Below we outline four questions you may want to ask yourself before investing in a doorbell camera.

1. How Does a Doorbell Camera Work?

Doorbell cameras can feature many components, such as:

?Microphones & Speakers; You can respond to the person as your door by speaking with them directly.
?Bell; The standard bell as we know it to alert you of someone’s presence.
?Camera’s that can be controlled; Potentially moveable cameras and night vision.
?Motion Detection; Alerts sent to you every time the cameras sense movement.

2. How Is a Doorbell Camera Installed?

Doorbells cameras can be battery operated, wired or wireless. If looking for a less expensive option a battery powered doorbell requires minimal maintenance and could be installed without the need for a professional. A downside to battery operated is your device could lose power and stop recording. With any smart doorbell system you should be able to connect your doorbell to the internet and your mobile device. This will ensure you are always alerted when someone is present.

3. Can the Doorbell be Integrated With My Existing Security System?

With the ever advancing smart technology available it is possible to integrate your doorbell with your existing security system and apps. Features could include smart locks that open when prompted by yourself through your app once you have seen someone you know on your doorbell camera. To ensure that your chosen doorbell could integrate with your current system be sure to contact your current provider.

4. Is the Doorbell weather & Theft Proof?

Again with smart technology If someone were successful in removing your doorbell camera system many devices now archive recordings on the cloud. Meaning up to the point of destruction, your cameras recordings will be backed up on your mobile app, ready to present to the police.

With some devices you can purchase additional protective cases to surround your equipment and protect from harsh weather conditions.