Securing 3 Common Entry Points In Your Home

More than a third of home burglaries occur without any forced entry. This means 1 out of 3 burglaries could be prevented if homeowners shut windows and locked doors.

Below outlines security solutions you could use to secure entry points in your home.

1. Window Security

Criminals can gain access to your home through open windows, even first floor windows.

Follow these steps to secure your windows:

?Check window locks work properly; make sure handles can’t be moved in locked position.
?Install window sensors; hook them up to your mobile app to receive instant notifications of triggered sensors.
?Cover windows; make the inside of your home private from prying eyes by installing curtains and blinds.
?Trim shrubbery around windows; make sure there are no hiding spots for robbers near windows.

2. Door Security

A burglar can enter your home through your front, back or side doors. Its paramount that not only your front door is secure.

?Lock all doors; even the back and side doors must be locked. Its easy for burglars to jump fencing.
?Install video surveillance cameras; install cameras above doors as an instant deterrent to burglars.
?Install smart locks; receive mobile notifications if doors are locked or unlocked in your absence.
?Install monitored alarms, a security centre will receive notifications and be able to send help if an alarm is triggered.

2. Garage Security

Garage doors are another entry point for burglars as they can gain access into the main part of your home.

?Install remote access control; close and lock your garage if you forget even when you are not there.
?Install video surveillance cameras; install cameras above your garage door as an instant deterrent to burglars.
?Lock the internal door; make sure the door connected to your home inside the garage is locked.
?Connect surveillance to your phone app, be notified when the door is opened or see live camera footage.