Our Top Safety Tips For Summer Security

Summer is the most amazing time for children. 6 weeks without school and as many fun days out as us parents can manage whilst still working! Juggling childcare, days out and summer club runs can be exhausting and makes us lose sight of our home security.

Ensure you enjoy a stress free and safe summer by being prepared in advance. Below we outline a few top security tips for your family this summer.

1. Lock Your Property

Crime tends to rise in the summer months. Maybe we are a little less cautious and care free in the nicer weather. It may sound crazy but take the extra time to ensure you have locked up your property. If your little ones are looked after by a childminder make sure they know how to secure the property.

You could install extra security equipment for maximum protection:

?Smart Locks; Connect your smart locks to your mobile app and control its usage from here. Set up unique passwords for different people, example childminder.
?Window & Door Sensors; They can alert you to a break in even when you are not present.

Talk through how to use the equipment and what each item is used for to your family and anyone else staying at your property to prevent false alarms.

2. Stay Vigilant

Install surveillance cameras around your property so you have all entrances covered. Use a system that has real time video streaming from your mobile. You should also consider installing cameras inside the property in places like the living room and bedrooms. This is where we generally keep expensive items plus you can also keep track of the children whilst you are away.

You could install a doorbell camera. This will enable you to communicate with any visitors or couriers. If you are not present you could specify a safe place to leave parcels.

You can keep track of your property on the go by linking your system to a mobile app. You will be able to see the camera stream live and some apps allow you to speak through the camera and turn the camera in any direction. This is a great way to have control of your property.

Consider becoming part of your local neighbourhood watch program. This is a great way to meet your local community and ensure that everyone can look out for each other. Let your locals know when you are away and make them aware of the security you have in place but ask to be alerted of any unusual activity.

3. Make Yourself Available

Make sure you are available for contact on your mobile device at all times in case of an emergency. Inform your neighbours and any childcare providers of your up to date contact information.