Ways to Tell If Your Home Security System is Not Working Properly

Homeowners feel safer and more comfortable with a security system in place. If your home security system stops working, you could potentially be at risk.

Having a faulty home security system leaves you, your family, your property and possessions at risk from harm and danger. Listed below are some indications that your home security system may be faulty.

Constant Bleeping

If you can hear continuous bleeping from your home security system, you may have one of the following issues that needs maintenance:

Reset your security system then press the status button on your control panel.
Replace the current batteries with a new set.
– Your wiring may be corroding, use a voltmeter to determine if this is happening.

 Experiencing False Alarm’s

False Alarm’s can be another indicator that your home security system is not working as it should. There are several factors that can result in this, here are a possible few:

Poor power supply or low batteries.
Damage to circuits and wiring.
– Inadequate user training.
– Human Error.

To avoid false alarms and keep your home security system running smoothly, it is advisable to perform regular maintenance, which includes updating the system software and codes.

If you keep experiencing false alarms, contact your home security system supplier and request a full maintenance check.

System Failure

This will be the most obvious indication that your system is not working and is experiencing a system failure, once all the necessary steps to correct the system have taken place and all threats have gone undetected, this would indicate that you may have a faulty security system or equipment.

It is always advised that you preform regular tests, testing your home security system will vary depending on which make and model your control panel is.

If you have any concerns, always contact your home security system provider for a scheduled maintenance appointment.