Modern technology has transformed every aspect of our lives, the internet has changed how we receive news, satellite navigation has changed how we travel and CCTV has changed the way we stay secure. CCTV has revolutionised business security by both acting as an effective deterrent and keeping a record of any criminal activity so if your business isn’t currently utilising closed-circuit television here’s 5 reasons it should be:

1. Concrete Evidence

CCTV captures and records any criminal activity on film which can then be used as vital evidence in legal proceedings. CCTV captures both the culprit and the circumstances of the crime so if the worst should happen you can make the legal proceedings as smooth as possible.

2. A Modern Day Hight Tech Scarecrow

Criminals don’t want to get caught. The presence of a camera shows would-be criminals that your premises is protected, cameras don’t even need to be turned on to ward off potential threats! Believing someone is watching causes individuals to think twice about their actions and think more deeply about the consequences so CCTV stops crime in its tracks.

3. Protecting Individuals As Well As Assets

Protecting your premises means protecting your goods and the individuals inside. If your premises houses valuables or money your staff, clients and customers may be at risk if a burglary attempt occurs or if nuisance individuals cause problems. With CCTV you can make sure there are always eyes on the scene ready to notify authorities and security personnel if a dangerous situation arises.

Here at 1st Ace Security we supply cutting edge CCTV solutions to the London area. Whatever the nature of your business we know how important it is to keep it safe and secure, that is why we offer a wide and varied range of security options that can protect any sized establishment. For more information on our services don’t hesitate to get in touch on 020 8290 5050 to speak to an experienced member of our team.