Modern technology is at the forefront of our news and our thinking but some sectors of the industry receive more attention than others. The world is always abuzz with advancements in the latest smart phones or electric cars but the innovation taking place in the field of home security is often overlooked despite its importance in our day to day lives; for years our homes were secured by rudimentary locks, we were left with no choice but to peer through windows and peep holes to check who was at our doors and if a crime should occur it was up to witnesses and neighbourhood watches to identify the culprit, thankfully these days are long gone. Access control, CCTV and intruder alarms have revolutionised the way we take care of our homes.

24/7 Security To Suit Any Budget

Advanced home security used to be the domain of the wealthy but nowadays you can invest in gadgets and systems to secure any home at a price to suit you. CCTV is one of the greatest innovations in staying secure, it ensures an eye is kept on your property both when you are home and when you’re not, it acts as both a physical deterrent (individuals are less likely to attack a property with noticeable security measures) and a back up (if your property is invaded you have a video record of the crime and the culprit).

24 hour intruder alarm systems also significantly reduce burglary and break in risks to both occupied and unoccupied homes, on one side of the market you can invest in an alarm that emits a highly audible sound in the event of an unwanted guest gaining entry to your home and on the other side you can make sure the transmission is sent to a receiving centre where security personnel will be on hand to assess the danger and notify authorities faster than any neighbourhood watch.

Keep On Top Of Comings And Goings

Do you utilise access control? Locks have evolved into: keypads, intercom systems, automated gates and even fingerprint access, it has never been simpler to ensure the only people entering your property, whether domestic or commercial, are people you trust and you can check who is at the door without the risk of opening it.

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