Burying your head in the sand when it comes to crime won’t help anyone, the best way to avoid becoming a victim is to know the risks and be prepared. Knowing the crime statistics in your area can help you decide which measures to take to protect your property and avoid being complacent when it comes to the dangers of invasion, burglary and vandalism, familiarise yourself with the facts and be one step ahead.


Burglary is one of the leading crimes in London and around the country, in 2012 in the City of London alone there were 2,524 reported cases of breaking and entering which often results in burglary. The Metropolitan Police offer a wealth of advice to keep your property safe from criminals so you don’t join the ever rising number of victims:

Defend Your Doors:

doors are the primary route of entry and exit into your home, a poorly secured door is the easiest way to fall victim to crime. The Metropolitan Police recommend: ensure your door frame is strong, make sure your door has a minimum of 45mm thick, make sure letter boxes have an internal cover plate, fit a spy hole and/or door chain, never leave keys near the door as they could be reached through the letter box.

Be Window Aware:

potential burglars target properties with windows left ajar so if you leave your home unattended always be sure to close and lock your windows. It is highly recommended that windows on the ground floor of a property are double glazed and fitted with secure locks and never leave valuables or keys visible through them.

Security Alarms:

studies show that if you have a correctly fitted, well maintained and visible burglar alarm your property is significantly less likely to be targeted by burglars. Police response to alarm activations varies according to the type of alarm installed, 92% of all alarm activations in the UK in recent years has been due to false alarm calls caused by equipment, communication or improper use, to determine appropriate police response two types of alarm have been identified: Type A requires a quick response, Type B needs further verification of offence.

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