Thinking about home safety is a scary business and it’s easy to bury our heads in the sand; none of us want to spend our time worrying about ‘what if’ but it is important to be prepared. Taking a small amount of time to assess your property for fire risks and set preventative measures in place today could save your life tomorrow, so where should you begin? Smoke detectors.

Leading Causes Of Fires

Many home fires needn’t occur and can be prevented. Amongst the leading causes of preventable house fires are: unattended cooking, careless smoking and falling candles, in these cases the root of the problem is distraction. A smoke detector gives you extra peace of mind, it lets you know if you’ve left the hob on or fallen asleep by candle light so you aren’t left waking up in a cloud of smoke. In an office or warehouse electrical problems can go unnoticed and people are often sectioned off into different rooms, a smoke detector and fire alarm lets everyone know of the danger the second it begins.

Look At The Numbers

Experts assess that 40-50% fewer deaths occur in properties with smoke detectors installed. Many fires occur while we sleep and by the time we wake up the flames have taken hold, a detector lets you know right away when you could be in danger. They’re designed to wake you up from the deepest sleep so you and your loved ones can make it to safety as fast as possible.

In a multi floor/multi room business fire alarms are essential for making sure all employees know if there’s a fire; having alarms at various points throughout a building means if danger strikes anyone can alert the rest of the staff immediately.

Keep On Top Of Safety

Your smoke detector is only as useful as its battery, so make sure your unit is checked for life regularly. A dead or missing battery is accountable for 85% of all cases where a fire alarm doesn’t activate yet it is the simplest problem to fix; remember, a weekly check takes seconds off your day but could add years to your life.

At 1st Ace Security your safety is our number one priority. We provide fire alarms and smoke detectors to suit any commercial or domestic need, for more information on our range call us now on 020 8290 5050 or get in touch online, you can count on us to keep you safe.