It’s one of our biggest fears: home invasion, the idea that somebody could enter our sanctuaries uninvited and cause damage and robbery is excruciating for all of us. Of course possessions can be replaced and furniture and windows rebuilt but feeling safe again takes time,after all it isn’t the fact of what a burglar takes, it is the feeling of violation they leave behind. The best way to ensure against home invasion and burglary is to make sure your home isn’t a target, that means letting potential criminals know you take home security seriously.

Guard Your Land With Gates

The words ‘Security Gates’ can be daunting, no one wants to feel like a prisoner in their own property, but security gates offer invaluable protection by making sure every passer by can plainly see you have security measures in place. Gates don’t just offer an obstacle between invaders and your home,  they are also an attractive addition to your garden; in today’s modern market security gates don’t mean iron bars lining your property.


Gates come in all materials depending on the ambience of your home and garden, remember it’s important to feel secure but just as vital to be comfortable. For period homes or country side properties iron gates can look out of place, timber gates offer a traditional, warm and homey look while offering you the same amount of protection as iron.

Iron And Steel

Wrought iron gates cannot be matched in terms of protection of your property. As well as being functional and attractive they can also be automated, giving you complete control when inside your property of who is coming in and who is going out without having to open up your front door.

Benefit From Burglar Alarms

Whether you’re inside your home or elsewhere a burglar/intruder alarm will alert you to any unwanted visitors to your property. With an intruder alarm you can connect to an alarm receiving centre so that authorities can be alerted in the case of a breach to your property giving you extra peace of mind, an audible and visual alarm will also be exacted so everyone in the vicinity of your home is well aware of what is going on.

At 1st Ace Security we provide security and access control solutions to all premises, from residential to commercial, so with us your needs are always covered. Your security is our number one priority so if you need to update your security measures call us today on 020 8290 5050 or get in touch online and we’ll find the solution for you.