With the number of individuals entering the housing market dwindling in the recession more and more people are choosing to rent meaning more and more people are choosing to lease properties. Securing a leased property comes with unique precautions, you aren’t just protecting against outside intruders but potential internal threats, when you aren’t able to keep an eye on your property yourself there are security solutions available to you so you can have peace of mind that both your property and your tenants are safe.

Key Pads And Intercoms

When it comes to your own home you have complete control of who is coming in and out of your property but when you hand the keys over to someone else you lose that right. If you are leasing out multiple rooms in a property as flats having a keypad entry system means that common areas are protected from unwanted visitors and tenants aren’t having to open the front door to people they don’t know and trust.

Keep An Eye On Who’s Coming And Going

CCTV that records the exterior of your premises means that if vandalism or suspicious behaviour is occurring on your property you have a record of the culprit. CCTV isn’t a case of spying on the occupants, it is a method of keeping them safe and making sure if something goes wrong with your property you are well positioned to take action.

Know The Legal Requirements

As a landlord you are legally obliged to provide fire safety measures in your property. This includes having noted fire escape routes and smoke detectors . Landlords should remove all unsafe or unchecked appliances from a building before leasing it to an individual and are advised to provide fire extinguishers and kitchen fire blankets in the case of an emergency.

Here at 1st Ace Security we provide all of the security measures you need to keep your property and your tenants safe. For full peace of mind when you lease out your property call First Ace Security now on 020 8290 5050 or get in touch online and we’ll help you find the ideal security measures for your individual needs.