There is nothing worse than not feeling secure in your own property, that’s why home security is always on the top of our list of priorities. There are simple steps you can take to enhance your home’s protection and give you greater peace of mind that your property and possessions are safe.

Hide Your Valuables

Leaving property lying around your garden or having expensive equipment like laptops and smartphones sitting enticingly by open windows is too easy a target for an opportunistic thief to pass up. If you’re not watching your valuables just remember, someone else might be, so when they’re not being used: lock bikes, lawnmowers and garden equipment safely in the shed, make sure your electronics aren’t visible through your windows and make sure your windows are locked when you’re out of the room.

If you’ve had a recent expensive delivery like the latest HD TV or a cutting edge computer don’t leave the box out next to your bin, it shows the world you have something lucrative and expensive and could be all a criminal needs to make your property their next target.

Never Let Them Know Your Gone

You are significantly more likely to become a victim of burglary when you leave your home unoccupied, obviously we all have jobs and lives and the option of live in security is a touch far fetched but just because you aren’t home doesn’t mean the world has to know about it. If you’re heading out for the evening keep certain appliances like TVs or music players running and leave a light on for good measure. If you’re away from home for a longer period of time such as a holiday you can invest in lighting timers and have a friend make sure your post doesn’t pile up outside.

Utilise Your Locks

An estimated 40% of all break ins occur without the use of force! That means people are gaining entry to homes through unlocked doors and windows with minimum effort, always double check your locks when leaving your home and if you’ve had the same locks for years it might be worth investing in new, high quality mechanisms.

Here at 1st Ace Security we have premium quality security solutions for any home or business. From CCTV to access control we have everything you need for safety and peace of mind, for more information on any of our services get in touch today on 020 8290 5050 to speak to a dedicated member of our team.