No shortcuts can be taken when it comes to making sure that commercial premises are kept secure at all times; good security systems protect businesses and their customers from theft, crime, and other common dangers. Although it is best to take an integral approach to commercial security, in this post we focus on how you can improve the level of security at your commercial premises through the introduction of access control. Read on to learn about several ways in which access control can benefit your business.

Complete Control Over Access

Access control enables you as a business owner to have complete control over who is coming and going from your commercial premises. As a result, this system can limit the risk of intruders or unauthorised personnel entering your site. With access control, you benefit from maximum efficiency and security with minimum effort.

Develop Restricted Areas

Access control systems can be used on both external and internal areas of a building, which means that you can create restricted areas as per your unique requirements. Restricted areas can include everything from archives to warehouses or even private meeting areas. If you need to limit access to certain areas of your premises or to protect the confidentiality of your clients, access control systems are the right solution.

Various Entry Methods Available

With access control systems you can also personalise the method of entry so that it meets your specific security needs. Thanks to the latest technological advances, business owners who install access control systems can now choose from a wide range of secure entry methods, which range from code and card entry to advanced systems that feature fingerprint or retina recognition.

In order to draw all the benefits of access control systems, it is important that they are installed by accredited and experienced technicians. At 1st Ace Security we can help you achieve heightened levels of security at your commercial premises with our range of cutting-edge technology access control systems. All our security products meet the standards of the NSI Gold scheme, as we don’t believe our customers should have to take chances on such an important matter.

Our team is qualified to carry out installations, repairs, and maintenance on wired and wireless access control systems, and we offer round-the-clock callout services. Get in touch today to find out more about our range of commercial security solutions or to request a free survey of your site.