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Hidden CCTV Security Systems – The Pros & Cons - 1st Ace Security

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Hidden CCTV Security Systems – The Pros & Cons

Hidden CCTV Security Systems are becoming ever increasingly popular for added security to homes and businesses. There are various styles available that make it easy for your cameras to blend into your surroundings thus hiding them from immediate view.

The main advantage for hidden surveillance is the added protection and high possibility to catch a criminal in the act without a normal CCTV camera being damaged due to being in visible view. Cameras can come in a variety of sizes and colours and be placed in inconspicuous places.

Below we explore more reasons to invest in a hidden security camera system. 1st Ace Security can provide you with overt, covert and discreet CCTV models , as well as both colour and mono cameras with infra-red. Speak with an expert today at 1st Ace Security to find the perfect product for your requirements.

Why Use Hidden CCTV Surveillance Cameras?

One common reason for hidden camera installation is for parents looking to monitor the safety of their children. You could be checking in on baby in nursery, checking in on a babysitter or making sure children are home safe from school. Whatever the reason covert cameras make it easy without having large view-able cameras within your home.

The advance in technology now enables users to log into the live feed of a camera system via their smart phone. These are called IP Network Security Cameras. By using a network WIFI connected device you can log in and watch the live camera feed from wherever you may be.

Another common reason to install hidden cameras is to check in on the safety of pets whilst away for longer periods or at work during the day. Many advanced cameras now have microphone access enabled. This can be controlled through your smartphone device meaning you can turn on your microphone and speak to your pet through the camera.

Covert Security cameras are designed to be inconspicuous, meaning they are small in size and can be placed in most everyday objects. Examples include plants, clocks and bookcases.

The Pros & Cons

The best advantage of hidden security cameras is the ability to catch criminal activity. A normal camera in plain view can be damaged in a malicious attempt to hide any evidence.

Having covert systems does not mean the devices are without drawbacks. Normal security cameras can sometimes deter criminals from acting in the first place. Large, visible CCTV systems can be enough of a deterrent, knowing their actions will most certainly be recorded. It could be a good idea to couple visible CCTV cameras with covert ones. Making sure you are covered in all scenarios.

It is common to hear of criminals destroying not only the visible cameras but also destroying the entire surveillance system in an attempt to remove any video evidence. There are a couple of ways to avoid this situation. Firstly you should keep the covert cameras connected to a different network than the visible cameras, meaning you still have covert footage should cameras and systems be destroyed. Secondly you should connect your systems to your smartphone app allowing you to back up the footage on your device.

There is a significant amount of debate surrounding the use of hidden cameras within the workplace. Many employees see covert cameras as an invasion of their privacy. It can be difficult to prove they are being used for the intended purposes but there are solutions to make employees aware. They should know the cameras are in action and signs should be placed within the workplace stating ‘You are being recorded’ whilst not explicitly stating where the cameras are placed.

If you require CCTV systems in Central London, 1st Ace Security should be your first port of call.

We have overt, covert and discreet CCTV models available, as well as both colour and mono cameras with infra-red, so whatever your requirements, trust our team to provide a product to match.

Are you ready to update your property with CCTV cameras? Contact us today on 020 8290 5050.

Does Business Security Signage Help Prevent Break Ins & Theft? - 1st Ace Security

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Does Business Security Signage Help Prevent Break Ins & Theft?

Shoplifting and other theft causes millions of pounds of loss to businesses annually. Many businesses opt to place visible security signage to ward off any potential criminals from stealing goods from their premises.

Security signage can offer peace of mind to business owners but its important to understand its effectiveness as a deterrent. Loss Prevention Magazine conducted surveys with shoppers to see if they noticed security signage and if it changed their behaviour or the way they felt.

Below we discuss the findings from shoppers and what you can do for your business to maximise security.

Shoppers Perceptions Of Signage

Shoppers did take notice of signage throughout the store. 85% noticed security signs hanging along isles. When asked what other security measures they spotted there was a mixed response.
Many noticed security measures on products themselves including banding on packaging, sensors on electrical items and anti-theft tags on items of clothing. Customers also noticed high value goods were placed inside locked cabinets or protective cases.

Of the people interviewed half of them said the signs did not affect their shopping experience inside the store. They felt safer with the signs being around. On the other hand survey results from convicted thieves say that they would not be deterred by security signage. 44 percent said the signage didn’t bother them and the main deterrent would be if an employee was physically watching them in the store. Security signs alone are not enough to prevent crime so you must ensure you have a full security system in place. You can contact 1st Ace Security to discuss your security requirements.

Alternate Security Solutions

Using a combination of signage and surveillance cameras is the best way to ensure you are maximising your businesses safety. Below are some security tools worth investing in:

– Video Surveillance.  Security cameras enable you to capture footage of your store and ensure you can keep an eye on your property. Recorded footage can also help the police in investigations of theft or other incidents that occur.
– Monitored Alarms.
Monitored alarms will notify you when break ins occur. 1st Ace Security offer a 24 hour monitored alarm system so you can feel your property is in safe hands always.
– Door Sensors. Installing door sensors will enable you to know when someone enters or leaves your premises.
– Mobile App.
Integrate your system with a mobile app to alert you of an intruder.

If unwanted visitors are drawn to your property, it is important to have a system in place which can prevent them from entering your premises. Our NSI Gold approved team work throughout London, including the areas of South London, South East London and Central London, so if you are looking for a reliable method of access management, choose access control in Central London from 1st ACE Security.

Do you want to discuss how we can design a bespoke system tailored to match your exact requirements? Get in touch today to learn more about the security solutions we can provide. Visit or website 1st Ace Security or call us on 020 8290 5050.

How To Select The Right Fire Safety System For Your Business - 1st Ace Security

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Having a natural disaster at your premises such as a fire can cause catastrophic damage to your business. With proper fire safety measures in place you can help prevent fire damage occurring. Selecting the right fire alarm system is an important part of maintaining safe premises.

Below we list how to select the best fire system for your business.

1. Research Fire & Smoke Detector System Types

Don’t purchase smoke or fire detectors without professional advice first. If you want to feel confident that your employees, visitors and property will be protected in the event of a fire, we recommend that you consider replacing your existing alarms with a modern, reliable fire alarm system from the experts at 1st ACE Security.

– Air Sampling Detectors – Detect smoke in areas where sensitive smoke detection is needed.
– Heat Sensors – Detects increase in thermal heat from fire.
– Sprinklers – Extreme heat activated to control fire.
– Smoke Detectors – First alert for maximum fire safety.

2. Evaluate The Specific Needs Of Your Business

As the owner of a commercial property, it is not only your responsibility to minimise disruption by employing security guards. You are also responsible for ensuring that you have a fire safety provision in place which will effectively protect your visitors should a fire occur. Consider the following questions when thinking about fire safety systems.

– Where Should Detectors Be Installed Within The Premises? It is best practice to install detectors on each floor of your business. You also need to consider high risk areas such as kitchens and rooms with appliances or fireplaces. These areas could need additional fire safety support systems.

– What Is My Budget? Choose 1st ACE Security for fire alarms in South London, and you can rest assured that you are investing in a quality system which won’t let you down. Without compromising security consider a safe budget to work with.

– What Equipment Features Do I Need? We can supply systems to match a wide range of requirements, and have completed installations at properties throughout the local area for a variety of clients. If you want to feel confident that your employees, visitors and property will be protected in the event of a fire, we recommend that you consider replacing your existing alarms with a modern, reliable fire alarm system from the experts at 1st ACE Security.

Whatever you are looking for from fire alarms in South East London, 1st ACE Security can supply it. Our team will carry out a quick installation of your chosen smoke and fire alarms with minimal disruption to your business, enabling you to enjoy a fire alarm system that you can rely on in a few simple steps. Continued maintenance of your system will ensure it stays in excellent condition. If you would like regular maintenance of your systems or a system installed then give 1st Ace Security a call on 020 8290 5050.

How To Prevent Your Digital Video Recorder From Overheating - 1st Ace Security

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How To Prevent Your Digital Video Recorder From Overheating

The weather is currently hot and humid in the UK. With temperatures set to stay high its important to take measures to try and prevent your security cameras from overheating. Heat is the primary cause for the failure of digital video recorders.

So how can your business or home security avoid overheating to help prolong the life of your surveillance cameras?

Below we outline a few tips.

1. Be Aware of Temperature

Be aware of the temperature internally and externally.

– Do not run systems when they are not being used. Your security system will need to cool down.
– Keep the room ventilated or air conditioned. The room temperature in which the cameras reside needs to be kept at a normal level.
– Use a thermometer to monitor temperature. If your system does not already contain a built-in reader.

2. Ventilate!

To prevent your system from overheating you must ventilate adequately. This means more than just opening windows!

– Install room fans to keep the temperature cool.
– Install cameras clear of room furniture.

– Store cameras in air-conditioned rooms.
– Ensure each camera has access to natural airflow.

2. Consult Your Security Provider

Having a reliable security system from the get-go is a must. Ensure you keep on top of maintenance and consider arranging a maintenance package with your provider.

If you have yet to purchase a security system, ask your provider the following questions:

– Is there a warranty if my system experiences overheating failure?
– If the system does overheat can you facilitate a repair or replacement?

– Can you provide installation of appropriate cooling equipment?
– Does my camera system have an automatic cool down mode if it reaches too high a temperature?

Continued maintenance of your system will ensure it stays in excellent condition. If you would like regular maintenance of your systems or a system installed then give 1st Ace Security a call on 020 8290 5050.

What To Do With Doorbell Images & Video Footage - 1st Ace Security

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What To Do With Doorbell Images & Video Footage

Have you ever captured a burglary or suspicious activity on your doorbell camera? Doorbell cameras are a great way to capture suspicious activity not only outside of your own home but also your view of the street you live in.

Below are steps you can take if your cameras records a crime.

1. Call The Police

You should report any crime you capture on your doorbell camera, such as a break in or vandalism to the police immediately.

The evidence captured can help bring a criminal to justice.

2. Don’t Post Images Or Videos On Social Media

With social media platforms being so popular many people share all different aspects of their lives with a few simple clicks of a button. Its now easy to integrate CCTV with our smartphones meaning doorbell camera footage can be shared too.

If your doorbell camera has captured a criminal at work you could be tempted to share the images or footage online.  Do not share anywhere. A criminal investigation can become complicated if you share footage publicly before notifying the police. Without a proper investigation taking place to ascertain physical evidence you could be at risk of retaliation or a lawsuit if the person was found to be not guilty.

3. Make Sure Your Doorbell Is Secure

Home security is costly and a good doorbell camera could set you back hundreds. Thieves know the value of them and if your system is not secured properly your camera could be stolen.

To prevent your camera from being stolen you should consider the following tips:

Up network security; a hacker could gain access to your home through your home network. You should consider setting up anti-virus software to reduce this risk.
Secure with a case; secure your doorbell camera with a locked case.

Securing 3 Common Entry Points In Your Home - 1st Ace Security

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Securing 3 Common Entry Points In Your Home

More than a third of home burglaries occur without any forced entry. This means 1 out of 3 burglaries could be prevented if homeowners shut windows and locked doors.

Below outlines security solutions you could use to secure entry points in your home.

1. Window Security

Criminals can gain access to your home through open windows, even first floor windows.

Follow these steps to secure your windows:

Check window locks work properly; make sure handles can’t be moved in locked position.
Install window sensors; hook them up to your mobile app to receive instant notifications of triggered sensors.
Cover windows; make the inside of your home private from prying eyes by installing curtains and blinds.
Trim shrubbery around windows; make sure there are no hiding spots for robbers near windows.

2. Door Security

A burglar can enter your home through your front, back or side doors. Its paramount that not only your front door is secure.

Lock all doors; even the back and side doors must be locked. Its easy for burglars to jump fencing.
Install video surveillance cameras; install cameras above doors as an instant deterrent to burglars.
Install smart locks; receive mobile notifications if doors are locked or unlocked in your absence.
Install monitored alarms, a security centre will receive notifications and be able to send help if an alarm is triggered.

2. Garage Security

Garage doors are another entry point for burglars as they can gain access into the main part of your home.

Install remote access control; close and lock your garage if you forget even when you are not there.
Install video surveillance cameras; install cameras above your garage door as an instant deterrent to burglars.
Lock the internal door; make sure the door connected to your home inside the garage is locked.
Connect surveillance to your phone app, be notified when the door is opened or see live camera footage.

Security Solutions On The Go - 1st Ace Security

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Security Solutions On The Go

We can’t always be at home. Modern life means most of the time we are away, working, socialising and travelling.

If you, like many people are constantly on the go, you need a reliable security system.

1. Mobile Integrated Solutions

Having a security  system that can connect to mobile apps is a must for on the go homeowners. They offer convenience and flexibility within hectic modern lifestyles.

When using a smart phone app connected to your security system you can:

Seamlessly control your security system; protect your home whilst you are away by arming and disarming your system.
Monitor live video; log in and watch your system live.
Lower your energy bills; control your heating, lights and locks.
Talk live through your camera; if you are away you can talk live to delivery man or unknown individuals as if you were in.

2. Monitored Alarms

Monitored alarms systems are crucial for any homeowner. They respond to alerts for you, keeping you and your family safe. This is how they work in emergency situations;

An alarm is triggered at your property which projects audible sound, this alerts occupants of an emergency.
An emergency signal with event specifics is sent to a call center, operators are available 24/7.
A call center operator calls you, to confirm if the alarm is real.
Help is dispatched, if the alarm is real then help is sent to your property immediately.

Mobile apps can notify you instantly of any alarms triggered at your property. This includes burglar alarms, fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. Wherever you may be make sure you stay connected to your security system on the go.

Complete Home Security Maintenance Checklist - 1st Ace Security

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Complete Home Security Maintenance Checklist

Burglaries are on the rise. An increase of 11% last year on the previous year and continues to rise (Office For National Statistics UK). You must ensure you have a working home security system that is maintained regularly.

Use our maintenance checklist guide to ensure the smooth running of your system.

1. Test Control Panel Regularly

Its often easy to get caught up in the grind of life and forget about important tasks. Try to organise regular checks as part of your normal routine to avoid any costly repairs or system faults.

If you are unsure on how to perform control panel tests or need a system maintenance check then get in contact with us, 1st Ace Security, for advice.

2. Check All Batteries

An easy way to maintain continuous function is to regularly check the batteries on your system equipment.
This could include;

Control Panel
Smart Locks
Window Sensors
Door Sensors
Smoke Detectors
Carbon Monoxide Detectors

3. Perform Outdoor Checks On The Home

Making sure the outside of your home is safe is just as important as the inside as this can prevent a burglary occurring.
This could include;

Cleaning Camera Lenses
Fastening Camera Mounts
Checking Sensor Mounts
Checking Window Locks
Checking Door Locks
Testing Security Lighting
Trimming Back Bushes To Prevent Hiding Spots

3. Book Annual Inspections

Contact us to book annual inspections of your home security system. Having a regular maintenance plan in place can ensure the smooth running of your system and prevent potential costly repairs.

Better Home Security This Spring With Top Cleaning Tips - 1st Ace Security

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Better Home Security This Spring With Top Cleaning Tips

Spring is just around the corner. This is the time of year when everyone decides to have that much needed spring clean!

If you have a security system within your home then spring cleaning is more than just removing clutter from your home, your system will need cleaning too.

Below we detail indoor and outdoor cleaning tips for your home this spring for better home security function.

1. Home Security Outdoors

Home security starts with the security on the outside of your property. You should consider these tips when spring cleaning this year:

Tops tips:
Examine your outdoor security cameras; Winter weather can damage outdoor security cameras. Ensure you clean the lenses of any dirt or water marks and ensure there no cable damage.
Check outdoor security lighting; Check all battery operated lighting and bulbs incase replacements are needed.
Maintain the home landscaping; Ensure any overgrown bushes are trimmed back as these can be potential hiding places for intruders. Also check any security gates are intact and working correctly.
Make your door number clearly visible; Make sure your front door number can be seen from the roadside for emergency responders.

2. Home Security Indoors

Once your homes exterior is checked and secured its time to think about the interior.

Top tips:
Clean your security equipment; Remove any dust and dirt from lenses and cable entrances.
Check batteries on smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms; Fires within the home can be fatal. Its important to take measures to alert of fire or carbon monoxide.
Check window and door locks; If any locks are loose then tighten or replace them.

3. Test Your Entire Security System

You should regularly test your home security system for any faults and ensure any necessary updates are carried out. Every security system will be different depending on the model and set up but within the menu functions should be the option to test the security system. This will detect any faults within its operation. Remember to contact 1st Ace Security if you have any questions regarding your system with us.

Ways to Tell If Your Home Security System is Not Working Properly - 1st Ace Security

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Ways to Tell If Your Home Security System is Not Working Properly

Homeowners feel safer and more comfortable with a security system in place. If your home security system stops working, you could potentially be at risk.

Having a faulty home security system leaves you, your family, your property and possessions at risk from harm and danger. Listed below are some indications that your home security system may be faulty.

Constant Bleeping

If you can hear continuous bleeping from your home security system, you may have one of the following issues that needs maintenance:

Reset your security system then press the status button on your control panel.
Replace the current batteries with a new set.
– Your wiring may be corroding, use a voltmeter to determine if this is happening.

 Experiencing False Alarm’s

False Alarm’s can be another indicator that your home security system is not working as it should. There are several factors that can result in this, here are a possible few:

Poor power supply or low batteries.
Damage to circuits and wiring.
– Inadequate user training.
– Human Error.

To avoid false alarms and keep your home security system running smoothly, it is advisable to perform regular maintenance, which includes updating the system software and codes.

If you keep experiencing false alarms, contact your home security system supplier and request a full maintenance check.

System Failure

This will be the most obvious indication that your system is not working and is experiencing a system failure, once all the necessary steps to correct the system have taken place and all threats have gone undetected, this would indicate that you may have a faulty security system or equipment.

It is always advised that you preform regular tests, testing your home security system will vary depending on which make and model your control panel is.

If you have any concerns, always contact your home security system provider for a scheduled maintenance appointment.